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Welcome to this online course on Gender Equality and Intersectionality in Health Policy and Systems Research.

Overview: This course is intended to help advance your understanding of how gender equality and intersectionality analysis can be applied to Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR). The course will provide a conceptual and empirical scaffolding, and explore multiple frameworks to demonstrate the workings of gender and intersectionality in HPSR, drawing on a range of material, including a set of cases from the global South.

Whether you work for government, an international organization or an NGO, or are a public health researcher/student interested in these issues,  this course is designed to help bring fresh understanding to what you already know, and help you broaden your grasp of health issues from gender and intersectional perspectives. Attached to each module are short exercises so you can check your progress, as well as tools and resources that will help you delve further into each topic.

Learning methods: You will have to follow the below five steps in each module:

First Step: You have to read the case study or article or write-up in each module.

Second Step: There will be instructions at the end of the first step. Respond to those instructions. Answer the exercises.

Third Step: Watch the powerpoint presentations

Fourth Step: Do the reading

Fifth Step: Keep a journal and draw new insights for your own work.

  • Module 7: Case Study - Barriers to respectful maternity care in a public teaching hospital
  • Module 1: Evolution of Global Health Systems
    No items in this section
  • Module 2: Introduction to Gender, Intersectionality & HPSR
    No items in this section
  • Module 3: Case Study : When power & privilege did not prevent a maternal death in India
    No items in this section
  • Module 4: Gender Analysis
    No items in this section
  • Module 5: Case Study: When overseas migrant workers from the Philippines become HIV positive
    No items in this section
  • Module 6: Intersectionality Analysis
    No items in this section
  • Module 8: Case Study: Rohingya in Myanmar & Bangladesh - embodying conflict
    No items in this section
  • Module 9: Covid-19 & Health Systems
    No items in this section
  • Module 10: Nepal Earthquake
    No items in this section
  • Module 11: Concluding Session
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